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“Stepping into the life force energies of the Akashic Records is like soothing your soul in Divine love.  As we journey through the wisdom of the Akashic Records, the light filled energies transport us through space and time. Seeking answers to the past, present and future knowledge, opens a multitude of pathways, transformation and healing.”

~Nicola Stockberger, M.A.

Welcome, into the realm of the Akashic Records.  If you are reading this right now, your soul is searching for profound answers to this life experience.  We have come together, to shed new light on your journey. Entering the Akashic Records will shift your awareness, allowing us to explore your specific human experiences.  It’s about taking you to the next level of evolution.

The Akashic Records are an empowering energetic healing modality, that has been noted throughout eternity, in multiple religions.  You may be familiar with the Old Testament, referencing the Akashic Records as, “The Book of Life.”

What does it look like to explore the Akashic Records?  No matter where you are on the Earth, in my office or via Skype, I will be able to access and tune into your soul’s specific vibration.  

Visiting the Akashic Records is one of the most beautiful places that I know.  This space in which you receive this information will be enlightening, calming and motivating.  The healing energies are encoded with love, activating a deeper sense of shift in vibration.  Our journey through the Akashic Records, bridges the gap between heaven and earth, offering you a profound sense of understanding, vision and restorative energies.

I look forward to assisting you on your life’s journey. With love, light and blessings.

Providing an energetic space to receive information about your soul’s journey, throughout all your lifetimes.  We will be looking at your life through a whole new lens.  This is where the excitement begins. With your explicit permission, and guidance from the Keepers of the Akashic Records, I will access the most specific, sacred and loving energies that one can behold.  This information will help determine, what has brought you here to this point in time.  I access the information in a storage space in the etheric planes, where the record of every thought, word, action and feeling that you have ever experienced is held.

Know you are not alone in wondering why certain situations in life have occurred.  Or wishing you could change, go back, or have said to yourself, how did I get here?  Why did this person enter or exit my life now?  Or why have I stayed in this job for so long. Why my finances are the way they are?  Or how can I resolve this physical illness?  Or why have I felt like I had this experience before?

You may ask anything of your spiritual guides, as they will provide a very specific purpose, depth and wisdom. Once identified the cause of the obstacles, you gain a new understanding, a new path allowing you to take action to go forward.

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To book a service you must be the age of 18 or over. Nicola Stockberger, M.A. holds the right to refuse services, Results may vary. 48 hour cancellation/reschedule policy is required. No refund if made less than 48 hours.

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