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Energy is present everywhere. Energy is flowing in your inner and outer universe. Either expanding or constricting. Remember, we are all made of light particles, atoms, have a “bio-energy field,” having multiple layers of energy bodies and are all multidimensional beings.

The physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and etheric bodies can be affected by all kinds of stressors. Our thoughts and emotions are energy.  We have environmental toxins, negative thought patterns, viruses, emotional trauma and misguided energies to name a few. We have the basic Chakra system which in Sanskrit, means “wheel.” A chakra is a receptor and a vortex that receives, perceives and filters energies from the world around you. They are either spinning in a healthy manner, or if devitalized the wheel will be moving backwards or be completely blocked. When we experience emotional or physical traumas, the bodies take on a different or altered frequency. Thus, creating an imbalance in the bodies. This is where disease manifests or takes control.  

The primary role in energy healing is to rejuvenate and restore the energy flow where there have been blockages. The energy medicine will allow the body to receive more light, therefore increasing the vitalizing energy for healing.

Energy healing can be done in person or long distance. There is no such thing as time or space.

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To book a service you must be the age of 18 or over. Nicola Stockberger, M.A. holds the right to refuse services, Results may vary. 48 hour cancellation/reschedule policy is required. No refund if made less than 48 hours.

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