Paradigmatic healing

This exclusive, complete all in one package, is being offered to the public. Due to the high-level energies transmitted and transmuted, the dual healers in session, are only available on this site, locally or internationally.
While stepping into the healing room with two Master Energy healers (Baz Porter, “The Light Angel” & Nicola Stockberger M.A. “Awakened Soul Healing”), the session begins with a consultation evaluating your unique needs, goals and environment. Receiving clearance of 144 Chakras, D.N.A realignment and activation of your etheric field, with quantum healing techniques. Allowing integration of the Christ consciousness energies, upgrading and balancing the physical, spiritual, emotional, and multi-dimensional bodies, lifting the veil between all worlds.
The session includes removal of any blockages, attachments and lower vibrational energies, from all parts of your soul, while being held in the Oneness of the Universe.
Clients will receive channeled messages from your Higher Self and Ascended Masters. Throughout the session, you will be grounded and held in the highest place of unconditional love. Healings can be booked in your location, at additional cost to be determined at the time of scheduling. (Via a telephone call).

Benefits of Paradigmatic Healing Service

Direct integration of healing between Source and your 3-D physical body.

Shifting of genetic patterning.

Aligning of new paradigms of Christ consciousness.

Energy Matrix activation.

Soul’s Karmic Experience Integration.

Discovering your Soul’s Divine purpose. 

Releasing of any oppression.

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To book a service you must be the age of 18 or over. Nicola Stockberger, M.A. holds the right to refuse services, Results may vary. 48 hour cancellation/reschedule policy is required. No refund if made less than 48 hours.

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